What to expect at a Life Group

Life Groups are Bible study and fellowship groups that meet during the midweek in various locations in the Greater Vancouver Area. Life Groups utilize both topical and exegetical (studying passages of scripture) and are taught in an informal setting; we can openly ask questions and discover what the word of God says for understanding and clarity. This semester we are meeting on Thursday Nights at 7:30 pm at Fraser Heights Recreation Centre.

What we are studying

Our current series is “Understanding the Endtime” by world-renown prophecy expert, Irvin Baxter of EndTime Ministries. This series will continue for 14 weeks and cover the following topics:

October 29: United States Discovered in the Bible

Nov 7th: New World Order is World Government

Nov 14th: Islam in Bible Prophecy – The Four Horsemen

Nov 21st: WWIII – Entrance Ramp for the Antichrist

Nov 28th: Israel’s God-Given Destiny

Dec 5th: Israel – God’s Prophetic Time Clock

Dec 12th: Holy Roman Empire Reborn

Dec 19th: The Antichrist and the False Prophet

Jan 9th: 666 – Mark of the Beast

Jan 16th: The Coming One-World Religion, Part 1

Jan 23rd: The Coming One-World Religion, Part 2

Jan 30th: The Seven Trumpets

Feb 6th: The Second Coming

Feb 13th: Kingdom of God